Cooking Something New at the Red Stick Farmer's Market

Cooking for a crowd is something I'm used to, but it was pretty special cooking for the patrons of the Red Stick Farmer's Market this past Saturday. I cooked them one of my favorite dishes using ingredients that can be found right at the Farmer's Market. 

Louisiana seared shrimp with lemon creamed corn and cilantro is a warm dish that hits the spot on a cold Saturday in December. It was interesting to hear the feedback from those who tasted the dish. 

At K St., we are going to be focused on cooking food a little differently. It's my responsibility to pour my passion into every menu item to ensure that when a plate hits your table it's well thought out, intentional and made with heart. I hope you can feel that when you come into Kalurah this January. 

Until then, feast your eyes on this dish. 

Chelsey Blankenship